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Welcome to www.mkwave.ro site! Visiting and using this site involves the total agreement of the terms and utilization conditions. We ask you to attentively read the terms and conditions that must be accomplished. We reserve the right to make any modifications of the form or the site's content without advance notification. Both the terms and conditions can also be changed by the author at any time without notification. The user will have permanent access to the terms and conditions of the used services in order to consult them any time. If the user does not accept the imposed conditions, he must stop accessing the site.

Thank you for understanding.



The www.mkwave.ro site offers to the Internet users a series of online services, information and IT news, dates and information about the Mkwave Vision Star activity. All services provided by www.mkwave.ro are the subject of this utilization agreement.

Mkwave Vision Star doesn't assume any responsibility if some information is not delivered at time, are lost, wiped or can not be stocked into our servers for various reasons.

Also, www.ithosting.ro doesn't assume any responsibility for the consequences that may appear because of the delay, loss or information inaccuracy published on the site.

You can use the information published on www.mkwave.ro on your own responsibility, and in case of a damage generated by using the services or information supplied by Mkwave Vision Star, you will accept not to sue this site at law or the company that possess it, Mkwave Vision Star.


The user has the obligation to supply real and correct information about his identity when this information is required. In case www.mkwave.ro has reasons to suspect that this information is not real, the site reserves the right to restrain the user's access to any service or information. Restraining the user's access will probably cause deleting the user's account and all the information it contained and also interdicting the user's access to the Mkwave Vision Star services.


Ithosting doesn't assume any responsibility in case the services presented on the site can not be accessed by users, for undetermined time, for any technical or commercial reasons.


www.mkwave.ro can impose at any time to its users some usage rules for any of its services.


www.mkwave.ro reserves the right to stop providing its services to any user, in case the user violates one of the above mentioned conditions.

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